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Our business began and flourished with our focus to all things benefits related. Benefits are about much more than what coverage you have or which carrier you use. They’re about using strategy and analysis to find the right angle to negotiate them, about the right design to promote your company’s goals, and about using skilled people to guide you. They’re about the right financial arrangement and the honest and trustworthy advice from a licensed and experienced person to ensure you fully agree and understand what you are buying. This is BIS. The services that others ​tack ​on as ‘extras’ are the cornerstone of our everyday business model. Our goal is to always achieve sustainable benefit plans for our clients and improve their bottom line through our partnership.
Sound like something you might need?

Group Retirement Programs

Group Benefits often evolve into Retirement Plans and there is so much more that needs to be considered when they do. What you want them to do and why you’re putting them in place will heavily impact the process to get there. Meticulous work is required. Too often a Retirement Plan lies dormant with little attention paid to the employer’s risks. At BIS we dig deep and then a little deeper to ensure all areas of the – plan design, communication, and CAP (and what is CAP exactly?) compliance – are addressed, allowing you to get back to running and growing your business. BIS manages what you likely don’t have the time or interest to address. Not all brokers are created equal, and this comprehensive offering is our forte.


Few people think about life insurance until it is too late. Now more than ever, being proactive about our future and that of our families is essential.
Gone are the days of complicated forms, multiple in-person meetings, and listening to someone ‘sell’ you insurance. At BIS, we approach life insurance differently. Our mission is to support you in making the decision that is right for you and your family. We offer streamlined systems that make the step-by-step process far less intimidating. Our edge? Our people, our knowledge and our commitment. Our life insurance team not only knows the ins and outs, but leverages technology in a way few do, in order to take the fear and confusion OUT of life insurance.



Comprehensive detailed reporting is provided quarterly, annually and as needed, giving you all the most important information you need to know, all to avoid costly surprises.


Benefits impact the human resources team in every business and in today’s ever-changing world, the importance of understanding and supporting these commingled issues is growing. Our experienced BIS team protects your full HR interests.


We are a team of seasoned brokers with experience at the union table. We can ensure the agreements you enter into are insurance carrier supported. This can have a dramatic affect both financially and with your union relationship.


BIS has experience sitting on not-for-profit boards. This experience gives us a better understanding of the complicated needs of this sector. Our knowledge and our access to specialized offerings mean we can provide products and solutions few can.


Managing benefits for a Canadian operation from an international headquarters can require a unique set of skills. For decades, we have assisted operations in this situation and become a valued part of their team. Together we can protect international headquarters by providing expertise on Canadian regulations, government requirements, and cultural norms inside the industry.